Things you should know

These questions may be asked during your testing:

What’s the name of the art we practice?  Karate
What do we call this training hall?  Dojo
What do you call your teacher?   Sensei
What’s the best way to learn in class?   Don’t talk, listen
Why do we bow?   To Show Respect

Is karate for defense or offense? Defense
What is the name of your kata? Heian Shodan
What do we call the drawing arm? Hikite
What’s the Japanese word for bow? Rei
What is it called when we yell?  Kiai

What country is karate from?  Japan
Show me where Jodan is:  Head
Show me where Chudan is:  Stomach
Show me three stances:  Kiba, Front, Back
Show what part of the foot we kick with during Mae Geri:  Ball of Foot

Do we inhale or exhale at the end of a technique?   Exhale
Count to ten in Japanese:     ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, ku, ju
What should a front kick have?    Recoil
What do we do with our hips when we block?   Rotate
What do we do with our support foot when we side kick or roundhouse kick?    Pivot
What do we do during Mokuso?   Meditate

The Dojo Kun – English for beginners

One – Seek perfection of character
One – Be faithful
One – Endeavor for effort
One – Respect others
One – Refrain from violent behavior

The Dojo Kun in Japanese – Used in the intermediate, advanced and adult classes

Hitotsu – Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutmuru koto
Hitotsu – Makoto no michi wo mamoru koto
Hitotsu – Dohryoku no seishin wo yashinau koto
Hitotsu – Reigi wo omonzuru koto
Hitotsu – Kekki no yuu wo imashimeru koto