Sochin only looks correct when the person doing the Kata keeps in mind the importance of rooting strength! The use of stance and a low center of gravity along with strong legs and a supple but powerful waist. The Fudo dachi stance is responsible for most of the stability.  Through use and training in the Fudo dachi a student will understand deep strong base power and also develop strong legs.

Kawawada sochin

The version of Sochin that is practiced in Shotokan karate today, was developed by Yoshitaka in the late 1930s. It is likely that one of the changes he made to the older version of the kata includes the heavy usage of Sochin dachi, a stance he is known to have heavily favoured.

Interesting facts about Sochin;

  • Sensei Gichin Funakoshi tried to rename it Hakko but the name did not take hold.
  • It is said that this kata was designed to be particularly good for developing the internal energy known as Ki.
  • Other translations of the word Sochin that are used in different styles include; ‘Grand prize’, ‘Grand battle, ‘Strong calm’ and ‘Immovable’.