Sensei Kevin

Sensei Kevin Downard is the owner and Chief Instructor at Indian Springs Family Karate. He holds the rank of 3rd Degree black belt in Shotokan karate and 1st Degree black belt in Okinawan Kobudo.

Kevin-Downard Indian Springs Dojo


Always interested in martial arts as a child he studied Kempo karate and Tae Kwon Do. It wasn’t until he was an adult that he found his true passion, Shotokan karate.

Early in 2016 Indian Springs Dojo and it’s members joined the WTKO.



Florida Winter Keiko 2016In February of 2016 Sensei Kevin attended a training camp with WTKO  instructor Sensei Scott Langley and Sensei Rick Hotton in Orlando Florida.

Florida Winter Keiko 2016

Florida Winter Keiko Scott Langley







In March of 2016 Sensei Kevin visited WTKO Honbu in Manhattan attending the Winter Training Camp led by WTKO instructors Sensei Richard Amos, Sensei John J. Mullin and Sensei Scott Middleton.


Indian Springs Karate WTKOGroup photo from WTKO Winter Camp in Manhattan

Sensei Kevin and the members of Indian Springs Dojo are very excited to begin our journey with The World Traditional Karate Organization. (WTKO)








He began his training with Cincinnati Shotokan Karate-Do in 2005. For the first three years Sensei Kevin spent 5 days a week at Cincinnati Shotokan training 3 hours a day. He spent so much time training that he was referred as the uchi-deshi, or personal student that would live at the dojo (karate school).



In 2008 Sensei Kevin began his teaching career at the preschool level when he was given the opportunity by his Sensei to start a kids program at a local daycare. From there the program spread through many schools in the Cincinnati area. From this experience Sensei Kevin started to build a specialty with teaching karate to kids at the youngest of ages and learning disabilities.

In 2009 Kevin Downard was awarded 2nd Degree Black Belt from Cincinnati Shotokan.

Sensei Downard opened his very first karate school, Indian Springs Family Karate, in 2011 in Fairfield Township. The dojo comprised mainly of students from his local kids karate programs that were looking to further their karate training. During this time Kevin continued his many kids programs throughout Cincinnati and began After School Karate Programs in Fairfield City School District.

In 2011 Sensei Downard received his 3rd Degree black belt from Cincinnati Shotokan.

Indian Springs Family Karate began in 2011 with 14 students and by 2013 the enrollment was up to 40 students. This prompted Sensei Kevin to move the dojo to it’s current location in Fairfield Township at 3987 Hamilton-Middletown Rd providing his students with more training space.

Sensei Kevin’s vision is to provide Fairfield Township and surrounding areas with quality martial arts training for the youth and the entire family.