John J. Mullin Sensei – WTKO Executive Chairman

I’ve recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar of John Mullin Sensei.  He is a phenomenal instructor.  His focus on the details and ease of explanation always leaves you wanting more time training with him.

Our dojo will have the opportunity to train with John Sensei in 2018.

The Shotokan Way – Interview with John J. Mullin Sensei

“There are others who have inspired me, motivated me, just about everyone who puts on a dogi and sincerely trains inspires me – it’s what we do.”

  “I was very lucky because he is a man of integrity, high intelligence and a dedicated teacher.  There were some people teaching then as now with little integrity or knowledge, and just seeking a quick buck.”

 “I think I train smarter and my training is more varied now.  I do a lot of impact training, but I still drill in the basics, kihon remains the foundation of my karate, that and the Heian katas.”

“Stance is the most important.”