Benefits of Karate Training


Karate training consists of cardiovascular, strength, stamina, endurance, and flexibility elements. These are designed to benefit the whole body as Karate trains Mind, Body and Spirit. We will make sure that you are working at a level that is both suitable for you and challenging  enough to develop yourself. Karate training has also been proven to be an excellent for of exercise for growing children to develop strong and healthy bodies. Being fit and healthy makes people feel good about themselves and also leads to a healthy mind and outlook on life. Karate training has many benefits to everyday life.


Good Karate is well known as being effective in defense strategies and is widely used by many in the Security industry. The key to real self defense lies not in punches and kicks alone but in a good general awareness of situations and environments. Karate training will develop this awareness until it becomes a natural response to challenging and dangerous situations which will lead to better choices and being able to avoid these situations. If these situations become unavoidable you will have a skill set that will give you the confidence to deal with them.


Concentration is a skill that we all have to practice and develop and is a key life skill. Many doctors may recommend that people with learning difficulties practice Karate because of the development of concentration skill. It will also help all of us to develop a strong focus to succeed in our everyday lives and working lives.


Karate is taught in a disciplined and structured manner which follows the Japanese tradition. Classes are taught in a atmosphere of respect between Sensei and student as well as student and student. This helps to develop a good sense of self respect and self esteem as well as respect for others. The disciplined structure also leads us to have a disciplined approach in other areas of our lives.


The attainment of a Black Belt is a common vision of people entering a Dojo. However the reality of achieving that vision is somewhat overwhelming when looking at it in early stages of training. The use of a grading system which breaks down the bigger goal into smaller steps helps to give clearer direction and the correct support and guidance at each stage of their development.


Karate builds excellent self confidence in individuals. It teaches you how to deal with pressure and also the more simple things. To be proud of who we are as individuals and how to use that confidence to achieve. Karate is a endless learning experience that last beyond our life time and offers constant and endless challenges to us develop and grow our characters.


There is a traditional side and a sport side to Karate. The traditional side develops good body conditioning mental and physical strength. The sport side always the testing of the students abilities in a controlled but challenging environment. Kumite is a test of skill and relies on quality and control of technique to score points not power. The Kata requires grace , power, and balance to be demonstrated in it performance. The ultimate aim of both traditional and sport karate is FUN. To interact with others and make new friendships both in your own Karate school as well as with others.