A Note to Parents

Sensei Kevin with Brayden - Parents have seen excellent progress from our classes.Parents play a key role in how a child will progress and how their attitude develops as a martial artist. The martial arts can be very rewarding to a child and their parents in many ways .

Self confidence, attitude, and physical and mental conditioning can help children in a way that no other system can. Parents can help motivate their children in martial arts.
Keeping your child interested in the martial arts.

–          Its important to encourage your child to participate in the arts and to reward them.  Its also important not to push them too hard because they will look at karate more as a job than as an adventure. Let them practice at their own pace and encourage them while they practice.
Recognizing your child’s limits
–          It is important to remember that some children’s physical capabilities are more advanced than others.  Don’t give up if your child is not as advanced as others, in time they will bloom.

All children have certain talents.  Its up to me as an instructor to recognize these talents and aid the children in their development.
Parents responsibilities in the classroom
– As an instructor I appreciate the parents concern about their children in the classroom.  Once the class begins it is important that we are not interrupted while teaching. This disrupts the class and takes away from class time.  If you have any questions, please wait until after class. I will be glad to help in anyway.
I am always ready to talk to parents if there are problems or concerns.  Please feel free to call or email me.

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