Traditional Shotokan Karate in Fairfield Twp and Monroe, Ohio

 The only Shotokan Karate School in Butler County Ohio.

5583 Eureka Drive, Fairfield Twp, Ohio 45011


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Wonderful place. Family oriented, staff really care about each child’s progress but also self-esteem, focus, and confidence.  – Jeannie Brigger
My son loves taking Karate at the Kensho Indian Springs Dojo!! He has been taking Karate for almost 3 years now and is close to getting his brown belt! I never envisioned putting him in karate classes, but he was invited by a friend and never turned back! It has been a very positive experience all around.
If you or your child are interested in learning more about karate, I would highly recommend coming out for a free trial class!! – Kim Winderl-Bryant


Shotokan karate lineage traces through Okinawa to China. Gichin Funakoshi, a school teacher, introduced Karate to Japan in 1921. Master Funakoshi wrote poetry under the pen name Shoto. Shotokan means “Shoto’s School”.

He is known as the Father of Modern Karate.

We invite you to call or stop by for a visit to the dojo and experience fun filled, high energy karate.


Besides self-defense, karate develops additional benefits such as higher self-esteem, self-discipline, concentration, positive attitudes,confidence,hand-eye coordination and respect for others plus so much more.

Shotokan is a striking style of martial arts that teaches practitioners through a series of kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring) how to defend oneself. Shotokan is a hard martial arts style that emphasizes powerful strikes, long stances, and a lot of in and out techniques in sparring designed to avoid damage and end a fight quickly.

It’s a great way to help children excel in life and a great way for the whole family to spend time together..
Kensho Traditional Shotokan Karate is a traditional Japanese martial arts school dedicated to providing quality karate instruction.

We offer children’s classes, teen classes, and adult classes – in shotokan karate, self-defense, and kobudo (Okinawan Weaponry).

We have preschool programs as well as after school karate clubs for the children who are unable to attend class at our dojo.

Located in Fairfield Township we are within easy access of Fairfield, Hamilton, Trenton, Monroe, West Chester, and other surrounding areas.

Classes are Monday – Fridays and Saturday mornings. You can also visit us on Facebook.

“What you have been taught by listening to others’ words you will forget very quickly; what you have learned with your whole body you will remember for the rest of your life.” – Gichin Funakoshi